The Creative Guide to Surviving Lockdown. Part Three: Learn Something New

Now is a perfect time to brush up on your skills or learn a new one from scratch. With so much access to online tutorials and videos it’s never been easier (or cheaper) to go back to school. A bit of study can keep you motivated during lockdown and may also lead to new clients and more interesting work in future. Here are some of our favourite online sources for creative learning.


A solid resource for a variety of disciplines. Subjects include typography and logo design, photography, painting and illustration. You can even have a go at music and video production. Each tutorial is broken down into bite-size sections, so you can work at your own pace and repeat as needed. They have a good selection of free content but it is definitely worth buying premium access. New customers can also get 1 month of free access. 


Similar in style to Skillshare. Courses are priced individually and there is an option to create bundles at a discounted price. A good option if you are interested in online marketing or social media design.

Adobe Creative Cloud Channel on YouTube

Get stuck into a range of free tutorials and workshops led by industry experts. They also feature daily challenges and livestream classes.  

LinkedIn Learning

In addition to a good selection of design courses, you can also tackle subjects like business management, presentation skills, public speaking and digital marketing. An unlimited subscription costs £24.99 per month but you can try it out for a month for free. 

W3 Schools

If you’ve always wanted to understand how coding and web development works this is a comprehensive guide. Courses include HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Each course features a “try it yourself” editor, so you can input code and test your knowledge as you go.

Open University Business Courses

If you run your own creative business, or want to know how to start one, the Open University has a large selection of free courses available. Topics like bookkeeping, leadership, investment or personal branding can all help your business to succeed.